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Spa hotel in Soelden in Tyrol

Wellness holiday in Soelden in Tyrol
Spa & Well-being in the Alps

A relaxing holiday full of activities in the Oetztal Valley

The mind, body and soul in harmony. This is a goal pursued by many suffering from the stress of everyday life. Take a break, savour the simplicity of being and feel your body relax. Your mind and soul will thank you for it!

The Hotel Alpina spa hotel is open daily from 2.00 to 7.30 pm. This is what we offer you:

New from July 2018 – Infrared brine cabin

Infrared brine cabin in the Hotel Alpina

In the infrared brine cabin the beneficial effect of the warmth and the power of the salt is combined in a unique way.

New from July 2018 – Stone pine sauna

Stone pine sauna in hotel Alpina

The scent of the Alps gives total relaxation in the modern stone pine sauna.

Vitamin & tea bar

Tea bar at Hotel Alpina

Enjoy the selection of fruit juices and fruit teas over a pleasant conversation in the communication zone. Relax, unwind and recuperate in our oasis of tranquillity.

Water vitality showers

Fountain at Hotel Alpina

This full-body water massage feels like warm mountain rain massaging you from six different sides.


Sauna at Hotel Alpina

Regeneration bath with 37 - 39°C temperature: perfect condictions for relaxation and a strong immun system. 


Sauna at Hotel Alpina

This form of sauna was known as a ‘laconium’ in ancient Rome.

Herbal steam bath

Sauna at Hotel Alpina

The moisture has beneficial effects on the skin and hair and cleanses the respiratory organs at temperatures of 42-45°C.

Kneipp basin

Kneipp basin at Hotel Alpina

Enjoy our hydrotherapy bath and footbath to the full.

Village fountain


Pure cold mountain water for you to drink.

Floral steam bath

Spa at Hotel Alpina

Step into this sparkling world of steam, local floral aromas and pleasant radiant heat.



Even the ancient Egyptians valued the invigorating effects of a warm water bath.


Sauna at Hotel Alpina

Invigoration, sweat and revitalisation in a unique setting at 90 - 100°C is the motto here!

Relaxation baths

  • Hay flower bath: the healing effects of hay extracts were known centuries ago. Paired with modern technology, you can enjoy an invigorating hay bath and whirlpool here at the hotel to stimulate blood flow.
  • Lavender bath: Enjoy this revitalising beauty bath with the refreshing scent of lavender lingering on your skin after the bath.
  • Sage bath: Enjoy a sage bath followed by a whirlpool – once a privilege reserved for the elite alone!


A healthy body and healthy mind

Strengthen your immune system in our sauna area. Our laconium is home to a 55 °C sauna which will detoxify your body in just a few minutes: the purifying effects take just 20 minutes to unfold. Enjoy the invigorating effects of the Oetztal sauna and strengthen your body's defences in the glacier grotto where ice-cold glacier water stimulates blood flow. You can also take a break in the relaxation room between sauna sessions and dream of your next adventure in the Oetztal Alps!

Rest and relaxation

Our floral and herbal steam baths are beneficial to the skin and hair. The healing effects of the local plants cleanse your airways. You will find fresh fruit juices and a wide selection of teas at our juice and tea bar.

Relax in an oasis of tranquillity. Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry or book your room at the 4-star Hotel Alpina directly!